Lord You Are Amazing Grace!!

Tyler And Papa Sing - Tyler Riedel Fred Riedel - Words and Music By Fred Riedel Kim Riedel Rory Riedel -Please Read;- Matthew 10:19- LYRICS- God gives us His songs, that we need to hear, His Spirit sings them so loud and clear, To A world that God so Loves, father you Speak, You speak to us. CHORUS- Lord you speak to us right from your heart, through your word, you speak to us, so we will spread Your Love A Round, Father you speak, you speak to us, Lord you do, speak to us.- God gave us His Son That He So Loved, His Spirit Shouts It From Above, God You deserve all of our Praise,Yes we will speak of, your Amazing Grace. Don't you worry what your going to say, Jesus will help you, Don't be afraid, Jesus will give you, His words to say,- CHORUS- Lord you Speak to us right From your Heart, Through your Word you speak to us, Yes we will spread Jesus love Around, Father you speak, you speak to us, Jesus please speak, Through Us.

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