Children's Sermon on the Hidden Treasure

Children's Sermon on the Hidden Treasure

In this message, we will look at what things we consider valuable in our lives. Often the "treasures" that the world seeks after are not the ones that God considers worth pursuing. Focusing on the Kingdom of Heaven means recognizing that God's promises are better than anything we might have on earth.

Use this children's sermon to teach about the Parables of the Hidden Treasure in Matthew 13:44-45. Download the teaching notes below and watch our object lesson demonstration as you prepare to teach.

Main Objective: Young children might not quite understand monetary worth, dollar signs, and fiscal price tags. However, they do certainly value some things (play time, toys, etc.) over others (Bible study, school), and sometimes have a difficult time distinguishing between wants and needs. The objective of this lesson is to communicate to kids that God is more precious and wonderful than anything we can imagine on earth. Our “treasures” are nothing compared with His glory, and we can hope in His promises alone.

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