Kayaker Escapes Close Call With Charging Alligator

Kayaker Escapes Close Call With Charging Alligator

There is nothing like kayaking in cool water on a hot summer day. Usually, you can bring some lunch, and make a picnic as well. Kayaking can be a relaxing way to stay cool. But for Peter Joyce, this became a day he would always remember as the day a gator charged at his boat.

The outcome of the attack is nothing short of a miracle. This video was uploaded on Youtube and was quickly viewed more 350,000 times in a short time. The viral video shows how truly terrifying wild creatures can be.

The footage starts off showing Peter paddling in what appears to be peaceful, calm waters of the Waccamaw River. Watching the video was like a serene virtual escape--it’s truly beautiful! But about 50 seconds into the video, chaos erupted.

“I thought I heard a fish jump to my left--turned out not to be a fish,” Peter recalled, adding, “About three feet from the kayak I made out the head of the gator and that was it. I had no time to react.”

The alligator appeared quickly and seemingly out of nowhere! The creature tipped over Peter’s kayak, sending him into the dark water beneath him.

He was only under the water for a few seconds before flipping his boat back over, anxiously looking around to see if the deadly reptile was going to attack him for a second time.

Loosening his boat from the branches using the oars, Peter then turned around and paddled back to where he came from. Peter was lucky because he wasn’t injured in the attack, nor was his kayak damaged. Thank God for this! Things could’ve turned deadly very quickly.

The events that unfolded really rattled Peter. ”It could have been a lot worse,” he admitted. “Usually they make a splash or move and make a ruckus in the water, but this was a continuous charge from about 20 feet away. It definitely made me think a little differently about what their capabilities are,” Peter added.

Peter’s description of his video shows that he’s recovered his sense of humor after his harrowing ordeal. He wrote, “While paddling the upper Waccamaw in N.C. I received a warm welcome from the wildlife.” I’m not sure the gator was greeting him or trying to eat him, but it’s good that Peter can make light of his situation now!

Peter’s story is an important reminder to be vigilant of wildlife, and stay safe around parts that are populated by alligators. Always proceed with caution as they can become very aggressive creatures, and you can’t always predict their behavior.

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