Neighbors Line Up To Thank UPS Driver

Neighbors Line Up To Thank UPS Driver

UPS and delivery drivers work hard every day to make sure that packages are delivered. In these crazy times, we’ve come to be really dependent on home delivery, and we need those essential workers more than ever.

Gregory Watkins has been working with UPS for 24 years . He has been driving in Smithtown, Long Island for 13 years. Since the coronavirus pandemic has been in effect, Greg has been picking up extra shifts in order to make sure everyone in the community gets the supplies that they need.

During his trips, he has really bonded with the residents, and they speak very highly of him. “Greg has always been a part of our community,” Linda Muratrore commented. She then added, “we just wanted to do something to say thank you. He always has a smile on his face; he would go out of his way to be extra helpful, carrying heavy packages. Just being the person that he is and knowing him for so long, we just wanted to give back.”

Greg received a text from one of his neighbors asking him to come over right away to give some assistance. When he pulled into the neighborhood he was greeted by a sea of people thanking him. They held up signs and were cheering for him.

“I started driving through and I was just blown away at what was going on,” he said. “I find it amazing that they took time out to plan this for me. I am just so humbled by the whole thing, I am still on cloud nine.”

He then added, "I'm very thankful. I'm just blessed to know each and every one of them." Pictures and videos of the beautiful moment of Greg and the community that were uploaded to the internet went viral. They really did a spectacular job of making sure he felt honored.

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