Couple Surprises Grandparents With Twin Reveal After Keeping It Secret

Couple Surprises Grandparents With Twin Reveal After Keeping It Secret

These grandparents were in for the surprise of their life after this unbelievable twin reveal.

I think we can all agree that there is something so special about the relationship between two siblings. And for twins, it is truly a bond that is unbreakable.

When Briane and Tom Shircliff found out that they were expecting twins, they were overjoyed. But instead of telling all of their family members, they decided to wait until after the birth to reveal the incredible news.

“I always said that if we were blessed and lucky enough to actually have twins that I would love to keep one of them a secret,” said father Tom. After the twins were born prematurely, no visitors were allowed because of COVID-19 restrictions. This allowed Briane and Tom to keep the secret for almost a month.

When Grandma Shircliff’s birthday came around, the couple decided it was time to share the good news. Grandma Martha remembers the moment visibly. “It had been my birthday and when Tom came walking down the hall he said, ‘I did not have time to wrap your birthday gift.’”

New granddaughter Brinkley was sitting in from of Martha, but Tom was holding another child. “That’s a real baby,” Martha exclaimed. That was when they introduced surprise grandson Ace. It was truly a moment full of joy, shock and lots of love.

I am just so glad that they were able to capture this incredible moment on camera for all of the world to see.