84-Year-Old Grandma Steals The Show As Flower Girl At Wedding

84-Year-Old Grandma Steals The Show As Flower Girl At Wedding

Have you ever heard of a flower gran? Well, step aside all other flower girls, this 84-year-old grandma just stole the show at this wedding!

When bride Sarah Tellers was planning her New Orleans wedding to her fiancé Nathan, she knew she wanted her grandmother, Marcelle Petriw, involved in a meaningful way. Sarah wanted a special role for the wedding because Marcelle was her last living grandparent.

Sarah describes her grandmother as an incredible woman who obviously has a flair for drama. As she thought of the possible roles, the idea of a ‘flower gran’ came to mind. However, when Sarah thought of this idea, she never expected it to go viral.

She asked her grandmother to be the flower girl, "She was super excited when I asked her and immediately said yes!"

The wedding began with a beautiful cello and violin, the doors to the hall opened and there stood the flower gran! Dressed in a soft baby pink suit, Marcelle pauses a moment and then a beautiful smile spreads across her face as she begins to walk down the aisle. From a simple wicker basket, she drops pink, red, and white rose petals on the ground.

Every step she takes brings smiles and laughter, including sweet exclamations from the wedding guests of just how precious the moment is.

Sarah posted the video to her instagram where friends commented, “I’m sorry to say, she stole the show.” Sarah commented, “I’m glad she could make so many people smile. She’s an incredible woman and a stand in flower gran.”

Another guest commented, “It is overwhelming and charming! What a wonderful moment.”

What a wonderful moment indeed! It is a very special moment to have grandparents involved at a wedding, especially in the beautiful way Marcelle was involved. Some people aren’t as blessed to have extended relatives be a part of their special day. This short video will make you laugh, warm your heart, and bring a smile to your face!

They still bear fruit in old age; they are ever full of sap and green, to declare that the Lord is upright; he is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in him. Psalm 92:14-15