Young Contestant On The Voice Sounds Just Like Frank Sinatra

Young Contestant On The Voice Sounds Just Like Frank Sinatra

A young contestant on The Voice of Holland sounds just like Frank Sinatra. You’ve just got to hear him to believe it!

The popular TV show The Voice, isn’t just a hit in the US! The show is popular in many countries, including Holland.

The format of The Voice in America is this - contestants sing for a panel of judges. To help eliminate any bias from the judges based on physical appearance, the contests are held “blindly” where the judges cannot see who is performing.

Judges and contestants are in the same stage area, but judges sit in tall chairs with their backs facing the singer.

Without the nervousness of being watched or prematurely judged, singers give their all in brief performances.

The Voice of Holland appears to have the same format. But instead of American celebrities, there are four popular Dutch musicians gracing the tall seats. The show which has aired since 2010 attracts big audiences in the Netherlands.

One of the contestants, Dennis van Aarssen gave the judges, and viewers, a performance to remember.

His voice sounds absolutely amazing as he sings the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life”.

Dare I say, this young man sounds just like Frank Sinatra.

Barely into his performance one judge immediately mashes his button, signalling his approval of the singer. He even stands up and starts singing along with the contestant. (Is that allowed?)

The fellow judges laugh.

Then one by one the other judges follow suit. They laugh and enjoy the music. Only one judge remained with her back to Dennis for as long as she could. Then she too succumbed to the wonderful melodies he strung together. She sat stubbornly in her seat, smiling, avoiding eye-contact with the camera.

She knew she liked what she heard. She played hard to convince, but the truth reigned in the end. Dennis has an amazing voice.

To Dennis’ credit, his focus and powerful singing was unaffected by the judges. He sang like he owned the show from beginning to end.