Family Trio Turns All 4 Chairs With Country Song 'When Will I Be Loved'

Family Trio Turns All 4 Chairs With Country Song 'When Will I Be Loved'

A family trio turns all four judges’ chairs with the country song, ‘When Will I Be Loved?’ You won’t want to miss this one!

On this fascinating episode of the singing competition show, The Voice, there was a talented family of three who performed the country hit, ‘When Will I Be Loved?’ After just the first six seconds of the performance, one of the hosts, Gwen Stefani, pressed her button to indicate that she wanted the family to be on her team.

Shortly after, all the chairs were turned including John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton. All chairs turned just 18 seconds into the performance!

These three women harmonizing was so incredible! Every single judge was nodding their heads to the performance and truly enjoying the song!

The ladies clearly had some sort of vocal training, and a strong history with music because of their wonderful control over their vocal range. They also had such stage presence and seemed to be so comfortable on stage.

It was obvious that the audience was familiar with the song because of the fact they were swaying to the song as well as mouthing the words to sing along, so there was a bit of nostalgia in there for them.

After their performance there was a standing ovation and Blake Shelton joined them, standing up out of his seat and clapping in respect.

Gwen can be heard saying, “That was so good!”

In the background, the screens showed the virtual audience was also cheering with lit up faces because they enjoyed the music so much!

Gwen then told them that they got a four chair turn, which is a pretty big deal especially with how quickly that they all turned around.

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