Protective Cat Keeps Watch Over Toddler Playing On Balcony

Protective Cat Keeps Watch Over Toddler Playing On Balcony

Sometimes cats like their personal space, and other times they act like this protective cat keeping watch over a toddler.

The toddler shown in this video is at the wee age of one year and 2 months. He taps his foot while trying to peer over a balcony. Not only was there a safety screen in place and the adult filming who was watching, but there was also a watchful feline companion right by his side.

The toddler speaks in his indiscernible baby language a lot and sounded very excited for who knows what. A few times, he turns back to look at the person filming.

Maybe he was thinking to himself, “Is the camera rolling? Is this thing on?”

More likely, the toddler wanted some help looking over the balcony. His glances were actually unspoken requests to be lifted up. The cat friend beside him looks on at the surroundings unphased.

The toddler boy is so desperate to see what’s over the balcony that he started reaching for the railings. He lifts off of his heels onto his tippy toes. That’s when the cat peers back at the adult filming.

If the protective cat was trying to communicate, the message may have been, “Is this seriously okay with you?”

After turning back, the cat quickly swats at the boy’s hand causing him to release the railing. When the toddler tries to recover his grip, the cat makes its move again. And the cat keeps doing so, eventually getting up from its own sitting spot to make sure the toddler remains safe.

What a touching sight!

Once the boy understood he came on back inside.

There is a security mesh in the balcony railing that may be hard to see in the video. Thus, the teeny weeny baby was never actually in danger. Still, seeing his kitty friend protect him is heartwarming to say the least.

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