Powerful Poem On The Coronavirus Written By Children Around The World

Powerful Poem On The Coronavirus Written By Children Around The World

In this video, a powerful poem is shared written by children around the world about Coronavirus and how it is affecting them.

“We invited 15 children to tell us about their experiences of Coronavirus – what they miss, how they feel and what they’re looking forward to,” reads the caption of this video. “This is what they told us.”

The poem was written by children from all over the world in Nigeria, Gaza, Jordan, Peru, America, Canada, England, Ukraine, Mexico, DRC, and South Korea. In the video, it is being read by an 11-year-old named Lincoln.

“The playgrounds are asking about us. There are no classes, no schools, no churches, no guests, no visitors, no parks, no friends, no peace of mind. Empty and sad streets. Ramadan came and we could not go to the Mosques. The outside world is silent. I’m afraid that my family and friends will get sick. I’m scared it will get to my grandparent’s house and their door will be open. Before I would say to everyone, ‘I want to be alone’ but today I want to be next to you. I miss sharing the fun times and that makes me sad. I miss being with my best friend, I miss her hugs. I grew tired of reading the same books. Oh, how I miss my freedom, the freedom to be a child to just run and play.”

As this poem is being read, scenes of empty playgrounds, schools, and parks can be seen flashing across the screen. There are images of children looking longingly out the window, wondering when they will be able to resume their childhood in the way that it looked before Coronavirus.

“I dream of a day when masks aren’t needed. I’ll go to the park to skate, I’ll play football outside, I’ll dance in the street with no shame. The fog and the darkness, they won’t win. The sun is waiting, dreaming, smiling. All this will pass, we will be fine. We will see you soon.”

Children are resilient and it is beautiful to see how they are navigating through this time and see the hope that they are holding on to in order to make it through to the brighter days ahead.

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