Luke Bryan Brought To Tears Over Son's Heartwarming Birthday Surprise

Luke Bryan Brought To Tears Over Son's Heartwarming Birthday Surprise

Country super Luke Bryan tries to hold back tears after his 10-year-old son’s big birthday surprise.

For years, Luke Bryan has been a staple in the country music world with hits such as ‘Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day’ and ‘That’s My Kind Of Night.’ He’s won countless country music awards and he’s even crossed over into mainstream music as a judge on ABC’s American Idol.

While most people think of Luke as a lighthearted artist, he has overcome multiple tragedies throughout his life. When he was just 19, Luke was all set to move to Nashville to pursue his music dream. But the death of his older brother after a car accident almost changed his mind.

Luke's father urged him to continue to follow his heart and move to Nashville. In 2007, while working his way up in the industry, Luke lost his older sister, Kelly. Less than ten years later, Kelly’s husband passed away leaving behind 3 children.

Without hesitation, Luke and his wife Caroline, took in their nieces and nephew. While the girls were older and already in college, Til was just a young teenager. Luke and Caroline helped raised Til along with their own two boys, Tate and Bo.

In 2020, it was time for Til to start his freshman year of college and the family wished him a tearful goodbye. Fast-forward a few weeks and Luke’s son, Tate, was all set to celebrate his 10th birthday. But the one thing he wanted was to see Til back at home. The family pulled off the ultimate surprise as the college student rushed into the kitchen to give Tate a huge hug.

The sweet moment was too much for Luke to take and you can hear him in the background saying, ‘I’m literally crying.’ What a heartwarming birthday present!