Homeless Cat Is Miraculously Rescued From Drain Pipe

Homeless Cat Is Miraculously Rescued From Drain Pipe

Animals get stuck in the craziest of places: nets, fences, in the walls, and even out on the water. And this cute little creature stuck in a very odd place. Watch this amazing video and see this homeless cat miraculously being rescued from a drain pipe.

A stray cat was playing on the roof of a boarding house when terror struck, and the poor kitten fell down a drain pipe.

Good samaritans who saw what happened stepped in to help the trapped animal. While one man filmed the rescue, another sawed away at the thick pipe, using a saw and screwdriver to get inside.

Despite the energy needed to perform the rescue, they worked diligently for the entire process.

At one point you can hear the man sawing the pipe pause and begin tapping. He tapped gently on the pipe to pinpoint the cat’s location.

You can hear the sweet animal saying, “Meow,” a couple of times. The moment was heart-warming and surely encouraged the rescue to continue.

When he created an adequate opening to rescue the cat, the cameraman positioned the camera inside of the pipeline, giving viewers the perfect view of the stray kitten. The animal looks so sweet and innocent, peering up at the camera from such a defenseless place.

They move on to create a bigger hole closer to the cat and successfully perform their rescue. The kitten gave a little scratch as thanks, but the men performed a noble deed nonetheless.

Have you felt like this kitten before? Stuck.

I have. Just when you think there is no way out of the pipe you seem to be falling down, God can and will rescue you. How do I know?

“The Lord will rescue me from every evil work and will bring me safely into his heavenly kingdom. To him be the glory forever and ever! Amen.” 2 Timothy 4:18

God has no intentions for letting evil consume us. His aim is to safely deliver us from the opposition into a life that is better than what we had before.

Whatever you are encountering now, I encourage you to hold out a bit longer. Pray as much as you need. I too am learning to lean more on him. We won’t be stuck forever.

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