Rescue Atlanta!

Rescue Atlanta!

A few years ago the youth of Believers Church, Statesboro, Georgia, took their annual "summer youth camp/week of ministry" to go to a rescue mission in Atlanta to minister to the homeless. This caused in me a great deal of pride and satisfaction because I have always believed in youth ministry, even though I have not always had the privilege of participating actively (for whatever reason at the time.)

The last five years as a Stay-at-Home/Work-From-Home Daddy I have have not been able to help many of these ministries that I care deeply about...because I have the sacred trust of one little girl who needs my active ministry 24-7-365.

I know I am not being cheated in any way...for I get to tell Shanna about Jesus every day as I pray and cheer for the youth of our community from the wings!

"LORD, Please bless the committed youth who serve you with strength, vigor, and excitement in a world that continues to die without Hope! Give great wisdom and Bible Truth to these who have the ear of the world! Amen!"

Enjoy! :)