Crafts on the Faith of the Canaanite Woman

In this video, we will go through a few craft ideas that highlight the importance of faith in God, as well as the essential concept that who we are inside matters most. Jesus came for all, and we want all to know and trust Him.

Use these Bible craft ideas in your Sunday School class for teaching about when Jesus met the Canaanite Woman in Matthew 15: (10-20), 21-28.

On the outset, Jesus ignoring a woman and then nearly calling her a “dog” does not seem like a terrific story for kids! However, the story of the Canaanite woman has a couple of important truths for us to draw. For one thing, it is a great reminder that we can have faith in God and trust Him to do great things in our lives, even if at first it seems He isn’t listening. The principles in this story also tell us that Jesus does care for all people, and came to save all, regardless of nationality or appearance. The crafts here touch on both of those themes. We have a fun “what’s inside doggy bag” to remember that great things can come in unexpected packages; we also have a “faithful follower decoration” to contemplate and remember elements of trust in God.

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