Wild Horse Runs to Reunite with His Girlfriend After 2 Years Apart

Wild Horse Runs to Reunite with His Girlfriend After 2 Years Apart

Check out these beautiful wild horses reunite after being apart for 2 years!

In this video, one woman shares her story of how she adopted a horse named Phoenix and then spent the next few years trying to find his mare.

“I saw this photograph of Phoenix jumping over a barrier and I’ve never seen anything like that. I decided to find and adopt him,” she shared. “A whole year later, I was finally able to adopt him, but I couldn’t find the mare who was also in the picture. I always looked for his mare and I never saw her.”

Then, after a few years, the woman was finally able to locate Phoenix’s mare! She shares about how she ended up naming her Ghost and reuniting her with Phoenix.

“Couple of months ago, someone sent me a picture of a horse and I stopped and I looked. I had the picture of Phoenix’s mare on one side and her picture on the other side,” she said. “I’m looking here and looking there. ‘Oh, see has brown ears. Oh, she has brown from her knees down. It’s her.’ A horse I never thought I’d see again. It was like seeing a ghost after 2 years of looking for this horse. So, that’s where she got her name.”

Phoenix and Ghost are eventually reunited, and their reunion was such a sweet sight to see!

“We waited a couple of weeks and then we brought Ghost down and we opened the gate. Phoenix was on the other side of the hill, but he heard her and he came trotting over the hill. You hear him call to her, when he first sees her. He looked at her and it was almost like he couldn’t believe it. They both bend their necks into each other, breathing each other in, just to make sure, ‘It’s really you.’”

What a heartwarming story! And how wonderful to know that Phoenix and Ghost are now together again and will be able to grow old together.

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