'What Love Is Like' People And Songs Featuring Melanie Tierce

'What Love Is Like' People And Songs Featuring Melanie Tierce

Check out this acoustic session of the song ‘What Love Is Like’ by People And Songs featuring Melanie Tierce.

“When everything is wrong and I wanna make it right, when it seems injustice has the final word
When I wanna run away, or take up my sword and fight, cause I can't just sit and watch the way we hurt, I see my Savior bound by accusers, blessing the hands that take His life
I hear Him saying, ‘Father forgive them,’ showing the world what love is like
Can you hear Him say, ‘Put your weapons away and follow me’?”

What a beautiful song! And the simplicity of the video is so lovely. With just their voices, a piano, and a guitar playing in an empty room, you can really focus on the wonderful and powerful lyrics that they are singing.

“I live in the UK/Scotland. Since March your songs of worship and of encouragement has led me into the presence of God so many times. Bless you all,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the video. “Keep your hearts focused on Him. May His Kingdom come.”

“Beautiful song. I am always blessed by your songs, the lyrics are so deep,” writes another person online. “You all are not only good singers but anointed as well. God bless you.”

According to their YouTube page, People And Songs is “a community of creatives, each one unique in their own artistry, together united by the mission to strength and release the voice of the Church.”

The musicians who are part of People And Songs do such a great job with writing powerful songs that speak so much truth and remind us of the promises of God. We hope that the song ‘What Love Is Like’ was able to be an encouragement to you today!

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