15-Year-Old's Grease Audition Is Just The Right Dose Of Nostalgia

15-Year-Old's Grease Audition Is Just The Right Dose Of Nostalgia

A 15-year-old’s Grease audition is just the right dose of nostalgia we all need right now!

The Voice Kids aired on TV in 2017 and is a Dutch-based show. In this episode, a 15-year-old girl named Stella performed a song from the musical Grease.

Grease was the hit 1978 musical that cemented stardom for John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. The film told the love story of two high school teenagers in the 1950’s, Sandy and Danny. It humorously, and through a memorable soundtrack, showed how they met, were reunited and overcame obstacles of first love.

Stella performed the song ‘Hopelessly Devoted to You,’ which was written and originally performed by Olivia-Newton John. The song went on to earn a Grammy award nomination in 1979.

The audience is visibly stunned by her performance, even as the judges are still turned around in their seats, listening and deciding if they want her to be on their team. As the camera pans around to the judges, you can tell that they are really into the performance as well, and are amazed by Stella’s performance.

The control of her vocal range and vibrato were both very impressive, especially for a girl her age. She also had a very strong stage presence and was not shy at all in front of the large crowd, suggesting that she has had a previous experience in music and performing.

Two judges turn around simultaneously after she belted a very powerful part of the song showing her impressive range. Stella had a lot of great passion that shined in her performance as well, you could tell she was a huge fan of musicals and the old school classic style.

The judges who chose her were definitely invested into listening to her, one of them stood up and was swaying to the music while listening to her. While she didnt turn any more chairs, you could tell that this was a great performance for all to attend, audience as well judges alike.

Through these covers and performances classics like Grease will always live on, especially in young fans!

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