Bird On A Rooftop Sounds Just Like A Barking Dog

Whether day or night, if you stick around animals long enough, you are bound to hear some strange noises. Though, have you heard this bird on a rooftop that sounds just like a barking dog?

This is BIZARRE!

You thought 2020 was a weird year. Well just this year, in fact, and just last month in Russia, this raven was recorded and the sound it made was anything but natural.

Birds don’t bark, they chirp and tweet . . . or so we thought.

Standing atop snow that lays above a green vehicle, a raven gives the cameraperson, and viewers, a very interesting show. Instead of sounding like a raven, this bird sounds like...a dog. A very convincing dog!

Humans have an ability to recreate sounds with their bodies by using their mouths or other body parts. The human ability to reproduce sounds is one reason some people can beatbox and others are great at impressions. Also impressive, some people are capable of making animal sounds.

Not too many animals in nature can imitate the sounds of other creatures. Not many, but animals like the parrot do exist.

“Polly, want a cracker?”

Ravens though are not widely known to have this ability, but in fact they do. Ravens are from the scientific family called corvids or Corvus corax. Included in the family with ravens are crows, gray jays (Canada jays), and blue jays.

They have a natural ability to mimic sounds they hear.

Practice must make perfect because if the raven in this video was not recorded as proof, the sound here would undoubtedly be attributed to a dog. There is no mistake.

What makes the video more uncanny is that the bird is by all appearances very poised. Yet, the “barking” this raven does sounds like a dog standing at a window barking at someone they see walking down the street.

For a second the raven makes a bird sound, but the noises that follow sound like they belong to a dog.

The camera remains centered on the raven so viewers can’t see what the raven was looking at, if anything, but one thing is for sure, this is strange, and very, very funny.
Source: ViralHog

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