Arie Camp, Daughter Of Jeremy Camp, Inspires With 'What We Need'

Arie Camp, Daughter Of Jeremy Camp, Inspires With 'What We Need'

Arie Camp shares God’s love with the poignant words of ‘What We Need.’ As you listen to these words, we are all reminded that our Lord is a Lord of love and acceptance.

“Can’t we have peace
All I want what we need
Can’t we have love
We’re all made from the one above”

Arie is the youngest daughter of Christian singer Jeremy Camp. For nearly two decades, contemporary Christian artist Jeremy has been spreading God’s Word through worship hits such as ‘Walk By Faith.’ But now, he’s passing the microphone on to Arie, who already has a huge heart for the Lord.

Today, Arie is performing a powerful song titled ‘What We Need’ and it features the vocals of Alena Pitts. Together, these two talented vocalists share an important message of love and peace.

“Violence more hearts are silenced
Excuses that don’t add up
We’re all chosen and beloved
So let love come down
Let’s tear up this ground
And the walls that we built”

Proud dad, Jeremy Camp, wrote about this special song on Instagram. “I’m so proud of my sweet girl. She wrote this beautiful song of unity during our time in quarantine. It’s very timely and to hear her heart and passion in this is such a testament to her heart.”

It’s truly such a blessing to watch this young girl use her God-give talent to share such an important message. We are so thankful to have artists like Arie who can lead the next generation in love and worship for our Lord.

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