Adorable Baby Laughs At Howling Husky

Adorable Baby Laughs At Howling Husky

An adorable baby can’t stop laughing at a howling husky. And there’s a reason this video went viral--sooo cute!

One family was able to capture the most adorable interaction between their son and their pet husky dog. It’s so cute in fact, that it might just brighten your day!

When a couple welcomes a baby into this world, oftentimes their furbaby ends up learning the patience of a saint between all the loud crying and innocent fur-tugging. You gotta give dogs credit for their ability to adjust in the all sweet chaos.

On the other hand, there are certain perks when your parents bring home a tiny human for you to play with. On top of extra food and crumbs dropped on the floor, extra walks and cuddles, there is a brand new buddy to play with who has as much energy as you do.

In the case of this family, the husky learns he has a new pal to howl at the moon with. The video shows a sweet little boy under the age of one sitting on the couch, surrounded by family and pillows. The Husky is sitting on the other side of the couch. But that doesn’t keep the pair from bonding. Each time the pooch howls at the moon, the baby joins in with belly laughter and giggles. Get ready for tons of “Ah-wooooo!”

The baby boy in the clip seems to think that his dog’s howling is absolutely hysterical. Dad has even figured out how to get him to howl on command when he turns to the pup and says, “What?”

One spectator commented, “Obviously the Husky is doing his stand up act and only the baby is smart enough to get the jokes.” While others commented that the breed’s howling comes from their wolf ancestors, whose howling travels further than barking out in the wild. This is helpful for wolves in regards to finding each other, it’s also used for warning other packs when it comes to their territory.

Either way, whether it’s a stand up act or a chance to howl at the moon, this baby certainly has the best play buddy on the planet!

“He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” Job 8:21

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