Sanitation Workers Caught On Camera Dancing During Trash Pick Up

Sanitation Workers Caught On Camera Dancing During Trash Pick Up

Sanitation workers caught on camera dancing during trash pick up went viral, and when you see it, you’ll know why!

We have all had that experience of catching someone who thought they were alone, singing, dancing, or in some way acting silly. Let’s be honest, when we are alone we do the same thing. You just never know when you’re being watched!

Set the scene - a residential road, a blue sky above, a quiet neighborhood. Some people are home, others are at work. Today is a trash day for the neighborhood. That’s normal, right? For just a moment, the sanitation workers will pick up trash at each house and keep going. Just a moment.

This day was different though. Blame the music.

A security camera from a neighbor’s home catches the hilarious event. They men pull inside the camera frame and immediately get busy - working and dancing. Sometimes when the music makes you want to move, you simply have to move.

Their emergence on the scene feels very much like a flash mob performance, but they are on the clock working.

These men must have been having a boring day that they decided to liven up or a swell day that they wanted to celebrate.

One man acts as the camerperson and DJ as he videos his two fellows busting out various dance moves. From his phone plays the classic dance song “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid. This song was released in 2007 and became a big hit in America. The line dance was learned by many, and is still popular amongst plenty of people today.

The men in the video follow the line dance, while mixing in some of their own unique movements. Clearly, they are having plenty of fun!

And the dancing doesn’t stop them from doing their jobs. They groove as they empty the trash cans. One guy goes back to the truck twice with his garbage can just to make sure everything is out.

At one point, the cameraman trades his role to become a dancer being filmed. He too is having a great time.

We can be confident in saying that the dancing didn’t start there, nor did it end there. Surely, they went on to bust some more moves down the street.