Crowder Performs 'Happy Day' Backstage At Grand Ole Opry

Crowder Performs 'Happy Day' Backstage At Grand Ole Opry

Talented Christian artist and songwriter, David Crowder, is joined by his band in a “stairwell session” of the Grand Ole Opry to perform “Happy Day” from his new album “I Know A Ghost.”

Oh, we are loving this one! “Happy Day” seems the perfect choice for the David Crowder Band to share backstage at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. This Dixieland, string-heavy song is so uplifting and definitely a hand-clapper. It’s a powerful reminder that all of these things on earth are fleeting and that the battle has already been won!

“Low in the grave, my Savior lay,
Hell thought it won, ‘cause there was hell to pay,
Angels came flying, stone rolled away,
Hallelujah, Happy Day”

Texas native, David Crowder, is known for his unique approach to life and faith. With his bushy beard and laid back demeanor, Crowder sings songs written from the heart and meant to resonate with listeners. During his college days, David recognized a need to have more worship music that felt current and relevant to the younger faith set. Not straying from the common themes that many worship songs and hymns have written about for decades, but merely a new instrumental and vocal feel.

His songs are still chocked full of heartfelt prayers to the Father about the same struggles that every generation faces: helplessness, frustration, fear, anxiety, and doubt. And the overwhelming theme of every faith anthem? Hope. Crowder’s music is one of our favorites to play when we need that simple reminder that God is in control. What a blessing to know that we have a connection with our Heavenly Father and that we are rooted in Hope!

“We gonna stomp ‘til the earth starts shakin’,
Louder than thunder, we’ll sing ‘til we can’t,
We gonna try and out dance them angels,
Hallelujah, Happy day!”

I don’t know about you, but this song has me ready to get up and shout God’s praises!