Telecast- Eternity is Now- Everything

This is a beautiful song that shows are constant need for God to be our "Everything". No matter what are day brings we should lift our hands and sing praises to our God.

This song is by a band called "Telecast". They are an amazing band and have many other great songs like this one. You may have heard these guys music on Air 1 (, with singles like "Beauty of Simplicity" and "The Way". They were also on the Illuminate tour with David Crowder Band ( They have 2 albums and are about to release a third(The Great Revolution out April 29, 2008). If you guys like this song, then I encourage you to check out these guys here ( and buy some albums. Their worship is so powerful and messageful. The lead singer of the band is Josh White. He presently a pastor at Solid Rock Fellowship ( in Portland, Oregon. So guys check them out and buy some music, once again you will not regret it. Oh, and if you like them, tell everyone you know about them, they'll be glad you took the time to do so, I promise.

For some more great worship check out the tags below. Be sure to check out great artist like Mercy Me, Shaun Groves, and David Crowder Band. Their is also a new band called Esterlyn, who I believe will be going on tour with Kutless. Check all these guys out and God Bless you all once again.

P.S. This particular song is located on the "Eternity is Now" album

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