'Changed' - Jordan Feliz Official Video

'Changed' - Jordan Feliz Official Video

Jordan Feliz shares his heart for the Lord with the latest single, 'Changed.' This inspiring song is all about God's ability to completely transform our lives.

‘Let me take the mic, I wanna testify
How I was dead and then I came to life
No more living in the dark of night
Now everything's alright
I've been changed
I've been saved
Brand new day
I've been changed’

There’s no doubt that God changed us for the good. He made the ultimate sacrifice for us when He sent His only Son down from Heaven to die for our sins. Because of that amazing sacrifice, we are all saved and free to live out our days in Heaven above. God broke our chains and truly set us free. This was such a priceless gift and we are all blessed each and every day for the love from our Father. Be reminded of this as you listen to the powerful lyrics of ‘Changed’ from Jordan Feliz.

These words are such an amazing reminder that when He washed our sins away, we truly were born again. It’s such an amazing feeling knowing that we have His love and strength behind us each and every step of the way. God sacrificed so much for us and we should give thanks each day. Jordan took all of these feelings and placed them into this amazing song and now it’s the perfect way to praise His name.

It’s obvious that Jordan has a heart for leading worship and using that passion to spread God’s message all over the world. I think that this song is an incredible way to give glory to the Lord to His name and let everyone know of the wonders of our God.

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