Elephant Breaks The Sprinkler And Has The Best Time

Elephant Breaks The Sprinkler And Has The Best Time

I think we can all agree that animals are truly a gift from God. The Lord has placed incredible creatures all over this Earth and some are just absolutely beautiful. I do not think it gets any more majestic than the elephant. These special animals may look big and scary sometimes, but they can be so gentle and in-touch with their emotions. At times, they can even seem just like humans. Take Faa Sai, for example.

Faa Sai is a happy elephant at the Elephant Nature Park. Lately, she’s been really curious about the sprinklers that have been running at the park. In fact, she has broken the sprinklers more than once. But when you see what she does afterwards, you will understand exactly why. Just watch as Faa Sai looks just like a baby elephant as she runs in and out of the water.

Even though she is a big girl, Faa Sai cannot help but have a little fun every once and a while. And right now, she definitely looks like she is having the time of her life. At one point, she even lays all the way down on the ground and lets the water wash right over her.

I think these nature park employees are going to have a hard time getting that sprinkler fixed now that Faa Sai knows what it can do. I just love watching God’s creatures enjoying the world around them. This definitely put a big smile on my face. What about yours?

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