Sweet Girl Tears Up Over New Puppy

Sweet Girl Tears Up Over New Puppy

Maddy, 10, loves animals and had fallen in love with one certain little puppy. As she and her sister went to visit the doggy, they were met with sad news. Older sister Hailey, noticed a “sold” sign over the puppy’s crate. Maddy was visibly saddened.

She continued to love on the dog while her sister grinned into the camera. She had a secret! This day wasn’t going to end in sadness - the puppy was claimed by none other than Maddy’s family!

Maddy’s Mom had set the whole thing up. She knew her daughter’s desperately wanted a new puppy. Maddy and the puppy named “Gigi” had already chosen each other. Mom quickly worked with the shelter to solidify the adoption and set up the surprise of a lifetime for her daughter , Maddy!

When Maddy learned that the puppy was theirs, she was teary-eyed and overcome with excitement. She quickly made sure that it wasn’t a joke, letting her Mom and Hailey know that she was not putting up with that! After they assured her that Gigi was indeed their newest member of the family, Maddy began jumping around and giggling for joy. When Hailey pulled the pup out of his crate, there was no denying her excitement as well. She quickly scooped up Gigi and gave a little cuddle before passing the pup onto her sister. Hailey was quick to make sure Maddy was holding the dog properly and securely. No way are these girls going to let anything happen to this adorable teddy-bear of a pup!

There is something so special about the relationship between humans and their pets. These animals offer comfort and love when needed the most. Scientists are quick to point out that children who grow up with pets are often more relaxed and handle stressful situations better. There is no question that Gigi the pup will be loved for a very long time and become an important member of this family.

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