'Why God' - Austin French

'Why God' - Austin French

From his new album, “Wide Open” musician Austin French is tackling some of the harder questions of life. In this moving song, Austin’s unique voice belts out some tough questions that everyone struggles to find the answers. As believers, we are often asked “Why does God…” and sometimes we don’t have the answers ourselves.

“Why God, Do people have to die, A daughter or a son, Sudden and so young, Long before their time?”

There is no family that has not be touched by a death of a loved one. More families are finding themselves feeling lost after a separation or divorce. Everyone is questioning how to keep faith in a God who is said to be loving but allows such difficult situations to occur. For those who have not grown up in a home based on faith, these questions of the validity of God become even greater. The overwhelming answer is that in these times of difficulty, we need God more than ever. He is our strength, our Comfort, our Refuge.

“Why God I need You, It's why God I run to Your arms, Over and over again, It's why God I cling to Your love, And hold on for dear life, And I find You are right by my side”

We are never truly alone if we choose to turn to the only One who can offer peace. We serve a loving God who walks the hard paths with us and catches up when we fall. It is in Him that we place our hope! Amen?