'Not Today' - Hillsong United Live Performance

'Not Today' - Hillsong United Live Performance

‘I’ll sing the night into the morning

I’ll sing the fear into Your praise
I’ll sing my soul into Your presence
Whenever I say Your Name
Let the devil know not today’

The more we give to God, the more He shows us just how powerful and amazing He can be. When we hand it all to Him, you will be in awe of what happens next. Our God is all mighty, all powerful and all knowing. With God by our side, there is truly nothing we cannot face. It’s such an amazing feeling knowing that we serve such a powerful God in Heaven above. That's exactly what the incredible lyrics of 'Not Today' from Hillsong UNITED is sure to remind you of.

Today, we get to hear a very special live rendition of this worship song and it’s one you don’t want to miss. This performance from the 2017 Hillsong Conference will have your hands in the air with praise. It’s so amazing to watch this talented group lead others in worship.

Hillsong UNITED definitely has a God-given talent for singing and I’m so glad that they’re using that gift to give praise to His name. The devil may come calling, but with God by our side, we can confidently tell him that we are not afraid. We have the mightiest of mighty standing beside us and we will not be moved. Just saying His name is enough to invoke fear from Satan. Who else is singing these words out loud right now?