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Jeanne Robertson On Getting The Perfect Christmas Gift

Jeanne Robertson On Getting The Perfect Christmas Gift

Clean comedian Jeanne Robertson is back with all new stories and she is funnier than ever. In this clip, from her new video ROCKING HUMOR, Jeanne is talking about Christmas time and receiving gifts.

Left Brain, Jeanne’s husband, never quite got the hints that she gave out so Jeanne decided to take matters into her own hands. Jeanne told Left Brain, “I’m going to tell you what I want and I’m going to go to the store, find it and mark it.”

This funny lady wanted a stationary bike that cost around $500. She picked out the exact brand and model and told all of this to Left Brain. Well, he wasn’t too keen on this idea. He thought that was way too much money for a bike that Jeanne would only ride for “about 2 weeks.”

After Jeanne reiterated that she really wanted the bike, she was so happy to see it delivered a few days before Christmas. But that’s when Left Brain broke the news that he didn’t actually buy the bike, he had only rented it for 30 days. He figured that if Jeanne continued to use the bike, they could buy it. Otherwise, there was a 30-day return policy.

We all know that things with Jeanne and Left Brain never go according to plan so this comedian had a plan of her own. And when you hear what did with her new bike, you’ll be rolling with laughter. Can you believe the things these two get into?