'Nothing Is Impossible' - Acoustic Worship From Corey Voss

I think we can all agree that Christian artist Corey Voss truly has a heart for the Lord. After giving his life over to God at a young age, Corey started spreading His message of love and grace through worship music. Our God is truly a Father of amazing power and strength. He is our compass when we are lost and He is the light that is always there to guide us home. There is truly nothing impossible when we have the Lord by our side. That is exactly what Corey Voss sings about in the lyrics of his song 'Nothing Is Impossible.'

‘We can walk through fire, walk through fire
And not fear the flames
There's no night, no divide
That could separate
From Your love, here with us
You have made a way
There is nothing
Nothing is impossible’

Today, we get to hear a very special acoustic rendition of this song and it’s absolutely incredible. I can truly hear Corey’s love for the Lord come through with every note. Corey definitely has a God-given talent for leading worship and I’m so glad that he’s sharing that gift with the world.

This song is the perfect reminder that when God is with us, there is nothing we cannot face. We stand together with the strength of the Lord on our side and that is such a wonderful blessing. We truly serve the most amazing Father in Heaven and we are not worthy of all the gifts He has given us.
Source: Integrity Music

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