'Hark The Herald Angels Sing' - PS22 Chorus

'Hark The Herald Angels Sing' - PS22 Chorus

Hark The Herald Angels Sing' is one of those Christmas hymns that everyone likes to sing along to. There’s something about the joyful words announcing our Savior’s birth that truly fills your heart.

‘Hark! the herald angels sing,
"Glory to the new-born King!
Peace on earth, and mercy mild,
God and sinners reconciled.”’

Today, the talented children of the PS22 Chorus from Graniteville, Staten Island are performing this classic hymn and it’s absolutely incredible. The chorus was formed in 2000 and is directed by Gregg Breinberg. Today, these elementary school students are known all over the Internet for their amazing covers and beautiful musical arrangements. For the Christmas season, this group decided to come together to perform this classic holiday tune and you’ve got to hear how good they sound. I just love when they all belt out these powerful words.

‘With th' angelic host proclaim,
"Christ is born in Bethlehem."’

There is so much passion in every single note and when I look at all of the smiling faces, I just know that these children are having an amazing time. These students never fail to impress me with their vocal skills and this hymn is one of my favorite PS22 performances. I’m so glad that they chose this Christian song to sing this year and, now, even more people will hear the news of Jesus’ birth. What is one of your favorite songs to sing along with at Christmas time? 'Hark The Herald Angels Sing' is definitely on my list.