Jeanne Robertson On Left Brain's Christmas Gifts

Jeanne Robertson On Left Brain's Christmas Gifts

Clean comedian Jeanne Robertson is back and she is funnier than ever. In this clip, from her new video ROCKING HUMOR, Jeanne is talking about Christmas time and I cannot stop laughing.

When this funny lady married her husband, Left Brain, they made an agreement to have a five-dollar limit for Christmas presents. Of course, Jeanne never stuck to the limit but Left Brain was a stickler for the rules. As they both grew older and had stable careers, Jeanne was able to convince her husband to increase the limit to a whopping ten dollars. But year after year it was always the same, “I was getting just junk. You can’t imagine the stuff.”

That’s when Left Brain made the comment that he would give her something if he only knew what Jeanne really wanted. So one day, before the holidays, Jeanne was in the kitchen trying to open a can for dinner. Her electric can opener had broken and she was forced to use a manual opener. She decided to make her Christmas wish perfectly clear by letting her husband know what a pain it was to use the manual opener since the nice, electric one was broken. There was no mistaking what she was saying, or so she thought.

On Christmas morning, Jeanne fully expected to open her brand new electric opener but what she found under the tree had everyone in the crowd roaring with laughter. I think next time she should probably write out a list for Left Brain. What do you think?

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