Simon Stops Country Singer Audition And Makes Him Sing Again

Simon Stops Country Singer Audition And Makes Him Sing Again

25-year-old Hunter Price is a country singer from Georgia. It all started when he was just 18 and his mom entered him in a karaoke contest. Hunter had a blast and since it made him happy, he kept doing it.

Now, this young man is taking his talents to the America’s Got Talent stage in hopes of winning the grand prize. Hunter was confident when he stepped up to the microphone with his guitar.

Then, he started to perform a cover of Bryan Adams’ hit song ‘(Everything I Do) I Do For You.’ This was a song that Hunter had performed at karaoke for years. But before he was even half-way through the song, Simon raised his hand and stopped the whole performance.

He said, ‘Hunter, what you were doing was very generic.’ Simon did say that Hunter had a good voice, but he wanted to hear more from him. So that’s when this Georgia singer retuned his guitar and decided to play his second song, an original tune called ‘Left Behind.’

From the very first note, I knew that Simon made the right decision. Hunter completely transformed with this second chance performance and the audience and the judges loved every moment.

Then, after the song, we learned even more about this incredible performer and it just might bring a tear to your eye. Simon truly has a way of bringing out the best in people and this audition is the perfect example. I’m so glad we’ll be seeing more of Hunter.

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