Musician Drags Piano Up Mountain To Play For Elephant

Musician Drags Piano Up Mountain To Play For Elephant

It's a heartwarming sight when this kind musician carries a piano up a mountain to play for an elephant. Animals are truly a gift from God. He has placed creatures all over this Earth and some are just absolutely beautiful. I do not think it gets any more majestic than the elephant. These incredible animals may look big and scary sometimes, but they can be so gentle and in-touch with their emotions.

Musician and pianist Paul Barton fell in love with elephants back in 1996 when he went to Thailand with his wife for a trip. Ever since then, he has made it part of his mission to help rehabilitate elephants at Elephant World sanctuary.

Previously, Paul had worked with blind children and saw how music helped transform their lives. Paul feels that music is it’s own special language that can be used to communicate with others. He wanted to test this theory on blind elephants and, recently, he was able to complete this task. Paul pushed his piano all the way up the mountain where the elephants were gathered to play them an amazing medley on songs.

Lam Duan is an older, blind elephant and Paul really wanted to play for her. He played all kinds of classical music from famous artists such as Bach and Schubert. You can tell that Paul truly has a heart for these elephants and it’s absolutely amazing to witness.

I just know that hearing this beautiful music must’ve made Lam Duan much happier. This is such amazing work that Paul is completing and I’m so glad that he’s documenting these special moments.

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