Dad Entertains Baby With Spot-On Elmo Impersonation

Dad Entertains Baby With Spot-On Elmo Impersonation

There’s nothing sweeter than watching the relationship between a father and his child. There is a special bond that can't be explained but it's truly a love like no other. If you have kids of your own, you know exactly what this unconditional love truly looks and feels like. And there’s no doubt that this dad and his little tot are full of love for each other.

1-year-old Ayden loves Sesame Street and all of the different characters on the show. So one day, while Timothy, Ayden’s dad was watching him, they decided to have some fun together. Just watch as they sit in front of the mirror and Timothy does his very best Elmo impersonation.

At first, I thought they were listening to a recording on the phone, but then I realized that Timothy was doing the entire voice all on his own. There’s no doubt this dad has talent for impressions. He sounds just like Elmo and it’s obvious that Ayden is loving every single second of it.

I love how he laughs and smiles at his daddy’s hilarious song. Timothy said that "Elmo is one of Ayden's favorite characters; he is familiar with the voice as I usually sing like Elmo to calm him whenever he cries.”

I’m so glad that they were able to capture this sweet moment on camera. I just know it’s going to be one of those memories that these two will cherish for a lifetime. What did you think of this daddy and his Elmo impersonation?

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