Jeanne Robertson Warns Not To Ask A Man To Clean The Carpet

Jeanne Robertson Warns Not To Ask A Man To Clean The Carpet

I always love listening to Jeanne Robertson and her unique sense of humor. Every single time I hear her perform on stage, I find myself laughing at loud at the crazy situations she finds herself in. I have no idea where she comes up with some of this stuff, but I’m sure glad that she shares the funny stories with us. Throughout her speaking engagements, Jeanne has the chance to meet a lot of different people.

One of her recent tours was for a company that wanted her to do 25 speeches. During this time, she was able to get to know the staff very well. Once the speaking engagement was over, Jeanne said what she always says to new friends. If they were to ever find themselves in her area of North Carolina, they are welcome to stay at her house.

In all her years of speaking, no one has ever taken Jeanne up on this offer. That was until she received a phone call from one of the employees she recently worked with. They were coming to see her and were going to accept her offer of hospitality. That’s when this hilarious clean comedian and her husband, Left Brain, started to freak out about the house. They wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for their guests.

So Jeanne asked Left Brain to clean the carpets, but she never imagined what she would come home to. Now, Jeanne is making us laugh out loud as she reminds us not to ask our husbands to clean the carpet.

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