Funny 'Hallelujah' Snow Day Announcement

Funny 'Hallelujah' Snow Day Announcement

A video of school officials canceling school with a funny ‘Hallelujah’ snow day announcement has gone viral. Snow days are something that every student looks forward to. When the weather starts to get colder, children hope for enough snowflakes to keep them home and let them play. And with the rise in social media and technology, it’s become more and more common for officials to announce closures in creative ways.

Over the years, we’ve seen lip syncs, dances, and tons of memes to let the community know school will not be in session. Today, we’re getting a very special treat from Superintendent Ben Mainka and Swartz Creek High Principal Jim Kitchen. These two Swartz Creek Community Schools officials wanted to make sure that their message was heard and that’s exactly what happened. Together, they created a hilarious, yet talented, snow day parody to the tune of ‘Hallelujah.’ We’ve all heard this iconic song, but I can guarantee that you’ve never heard it like this.

“I hear about a winter storm
It’s cold and dreary
Stay home
Stay warm
It’s cold and it’s a snowy winter morning”

Not only are the lyrics funny, but these two men have some serious vocals. After just 48 hours, the video had been viewed over a million times online. But the most important part of all was when the music stopped and Superintendent Mainka said, “Families, we do apologize for anything that you may have seen there. Please understand that for the safety of our students and staff, we are going to be cancelling school tomorrow. Please be safe and stay warm.” Am I the only one that can hear the children cheering so loud?

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