Girl With Down Syndrome Sings With A Homeless Man

Girl With Down Syndrome Sings With A Homeless Man

It was truly a miracle when a non-verbal girl with Down syndrome sings with a homeless man. 8-year-old Nevaeh Foster was volunteering with her church when she met this homeless man. The church was helping to feed those in need and Nevaeh seemed to gravitate towards one man, in particular.

This caring girl has Down syndrome and is usually non-verbal, but something changed that day. The homeless man gave Nevaeh his juice and it automatically created a connection between the two. This stranger had virtually nothing and he still gave this young girl his own drink. Then, he asked Nevaeh if she wanted to sing. Her face immediately lit up and she began to sing along with the stranger. Her mom was stunned to see her daughter cozy up to the homeless man and use her voice.

You truly never know what a little bit of kindness can turn into. The moment brought tears to the eyes of the sweet girl’s mom. And now, the whole Internet is sharing this beautiful story. Over a million people have been touched by Nevaeh and her kindness. Her mother says that it’s not unusual for the young girl to bring a smile to a stranger’s face and that’s definitely what she is doing today.

God truly works in incredible ways and it’s so amazing to see how he used this homeless man and young girl to show love and kindness. Who else was wiping away a tear or two after this sweet display? I know I was!

8-year-old girl with Down syndrome sings with homeless man she met volunteering

MIRACLE OF SONG: This 8-year-old girl with Down syndrome is usually non-verbal. But when a homeless man started singing to her, she jumped right in 😍

Posted by CBS News on Wednesday, January 30, 2019