Andrea Bocelli - 'If Only' ft. Dua Lipa (Official Music Video)

Andrea Bocelli - 'If Only' ft. Dua Lipa (Official Music Video)

From his new album “Si”, Andrea Bocelli performs a stunning version of “If Only”. Featuring popular singer Dua Lipa in this touching duet. The album is an all-star collaboration with artists such as Josh Groban, Ed Sheeran, and Bocelli’s son, Matteo.

As the first official single released from his newest album, Andrea Bocelli is proving that even after a 14 year hiatus from releasing an album, he still is a powerhouse vocalist. Though he was still performing and collaborating with other artists during this time, fans were definitely ready for a Bocelli album release. “If Only” beautifully alternates from Italian to English between the verse and chorus and between Bocelli and talented performer, Dua Lipa. The song includes talented pianist (and writer) Mauro Malavasi and violinist Anastasia Petryshak. Pulling their talents together for “If Only” was the perfect blend and the results are breathtaking.

“If only we could turn back time
Back to the day we said goodbye
Maybe your heart would still be mine
My love, if only”

When asked about the inspiration behind the album, Bocelli shared, ““I wanted to go back to my memories of being a young man, playing at a piano bar. Obviously since then, I’ve produced lots of albums, sung lots of covers, performed many other things. But at a certain point I said to myself: ‘Maybe the time has come to put my effort into finding new songs.’ Like starting all over again, as it were, in my career.”

He may not be starting over per se, but Andrea Bocelli is quickly taking the internet by storm and has captured the attention of a whole new generation of music lovers! We think Bocelli may have struck gold with this newest album featuring so many beloved artists and truly moving music.