Hootie Parody: She Doesn’t Really Want to Talk to You

Hootie Parody: She Doesn’t Really Want to Talk to You

In this hilarious “Hootie Parody” by the Holderness Family, we find out why she doesn’t really want to talk to you! We live in a world where technology is a part of almost every facet of life. Our homes are “wired” – everything from tech watches, voice-activated smart speakers, and computerized refrigerators! Some argue we are losing touch with our interpersonal communication skills as we interact more with our tech devices instead of each other.

When the Holderness comedy duo put together this funny-because-it’s-true music video parody, we were laughing right away! Sometimes the truth hurts! The parody focuses on how society uses tech deliberately to avoid interacting with others. This silly song gives a gentle nudge to talking more and “tech” less!

“She introverted, she’s kind of shy / So when she sees the name, she likes to hit decline… / And there’s nothing you can do, / She just doesn’t want to talk with you.”

Since the invention of caller ID on phones, we’ve had the choice of whether or not to answer the phone based on the caller’s information. The video highlights that we can not only decline the caller, but in more recent years, we can text them back to avoid talking all together. Conversation is becoming a lost art! Ever feel like you are speaking to someone who only gives one word responses or someone who can’t even make eye contact with you during your conversation? Sometimes it feels like you are in charge of keeping the conversation going! The Holderness family really points out this flaw in our new tech-evolved lifestyle and puts things into perspective in a comical way. It’s OK to not want to talk with people every now and then, but let us not forget how to because of advancing technology!

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