'God Of Breakthrough' Mack Brock Performance

'God Of Breakthrough' Mack Brock Performance

Worship leader Mack Brock shares a beautiful performance of his single ‘God Of Breakthrough.’ This powerful song truly reminds us that nothing is impossible with the Lord by our side.

“You're the God of breakthrough
You're our rescue
You can make a way
You can make a way
God of breakthrough
We will trust You
You will make a way
You will make a way”

Mack Brock has been leading worship for years. Formerly, he was the lead singer of Elevation Worship where he wrote many hits such as "O Come To The Altar." How, Mack is embarking on a solo career and it’s all about giving praise to God’s name.

“There is no impossible
Even in the darkest storm
You are
Always working miracles
You work all things for our good”

The lyrics are a testament to God’s power and grace. Only He can part the seas and forgive us of all our sins. God gave His own Son to die on the cross so that we could all be saved. That is such an amazing gift are we are blessed by His love each and every day. ‘God Of Breakthrough’ is the perfect way to give praise to His name. Mack Brock has done a wonderful job of spreading the Lord’s message and he is continuing to use his gifts to bring others to God. With each song of joy and praise, someone else is fueling their soul for Jesus. I’m definitely singing these lyrics out loud. How about you?