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Jeanne Robertson And The Southern Accent In NYC

Jeanne Robertson And The Southern Accent In NYC

If you live or were raised in the South, you've probably gotten a question about your accent more than once. While it might not seem like you speak differently, other people can pick up on the accent right away. There's just something so distinct about the Southern accent that has a way of turning heads. And no one knows this better than funny lady Jeanne Robertson.

This clean comedian is a southern belle through and through and she's got the thick accent to prove it. This former Miss North Carolina does a lot of traveling for her speaking engagements, so she encounters a lot of situations where her accent gets in the way.

On a recent trip to New York, Jeanne discovered that not everyone 'speaks Southern.' She was trying to rent a car when the rental car agent could not understand what Jeanne was saying. Jeanne said that “we were like animals in a cage trying to figure one another out.”

That's when she gave up and decided to get a map and find her own way around New York City. And when she talks about how the people of New York 'wave' I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Jeanne always manages to find the humor in every situation and all of her stories completely crack me up.

Jeanne always brings the laughs and this incident is no different. What about you? Do you have a Southern accent or can you tell when you meet someone from the South?