5-Year-Old Reacts To Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

5-year-old Giada has always wanted to be a big sister, but she never thought it was going to happen. So when her parents found out that they were pregnant, they wanted to make sure that Giada found out in a very special way.

Just watch this sweet moment as she reads a note from her mommy and daddy. It starts off by stating her name and age, but as Giada goes on she reads the part about there being a baby in her mommy's tummy. At first, this little sweetie is confused. That's when Mom steps in and explains that she is pregnant with Giada's baby brother or sister.

This precious girl's face lights up when the news finally sinks in. She truly has the most genuine smile full of love and happiness. I can already tell that sweet Giada is going to be a great big sister. And now this special moment is caught on camera for everyone to look back on for years to come!

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