Dad Sweetly Serenades Baby Girl

Dad Sweetly Serenades Baby Girl

There's no doubt that Dan Fowlks is an amazing musician and truly has a passion for singing and playing guitar. And from this video, it seems his baby girl might have that same passion.

Just watch as Dan whips out his guitar and begins to sing his own rendition of Bobby Darin’s jazzy 50’s hit, “Dream Lover.” He usually records himself while working on music, but this time he had his adorable little girl to serenade and her reaction completely made the video. Just watch as his daughter sits on the bed and as soon as he starts strumming his guitar, she just stares at him in amazement. When he starts singing, she quickly crawls to the end of the bed as if she is running to the end of the stage for her very own concert.

This cutie has the biggest smile on her face as she bops her head and claps her hands to the beat of Daddy's music. to her dad serenading her. The longer the song goes on, the cuter this special serenade gets. This is definitely one moment that I'm so glad they caught on camera!

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