Cockatoo Serenades Owner With 'I Love You' Song

Onni is a 2-year-old Umbrella Cockatoo and he absolutely loves to sing and entertain. This talented bird has learned to tap dance and he can even sing like a human. In fact, Onni's owner taught him an extra special 'I Love You' song and it's absolutely precious to hear.

Just watch as Onni sits on his owner's shoulder and they sing this precious duet. This sweet bird gently rocks back and forth as he sings the words he has learned. This special serenade is downright adorable and I can tell that Onni truly loves his human.

There really is nothing like the relationship between a man and his animal and these two are obviously close I'm sure Onni brings lots of love and smiles to this family, especially when he's singing this song. What a sweet moment all caught on camera to cherish forever. I can't wait to see what Onni learns next!

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