Funny Italian Grandma Tries To Talk To Google Home

This funny Italian grandma received a Google Home for Christmas and her reaction to this smart home device is downright hilarious. Just watch as the family gathers around the table while granny is testing out her new toy. She is having a blast trying to learn how to use her new gadget.

When the Google Home was not responding to her right away, one of her family members prompted her to say a keyword to activate the device. And when she hear this Granny say “Ok, Google!”, in her strong Italian accent, it will have you in stitches. She laughed at how the Google Home replied back with a “Hello”. But then she completely freaked out when the device responded to her question about tomorrow’s weather.

Granny quickly jumped up out of her seat and backed away from the device. She did not expect that! It was so hilarious. And her family just cannot stop laughing! Granny is getting a kick out of the shenanigans too! This is definitely a gift that the whole family is enjoying.

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