'Easy' - Worship From Sarah Reeves

'Easy' - Worship From Sarah Reeves

‘I thought I wanted it easy but easy never needed

Never needed you
Just because I'm feeling weak and feeling lonely
Doesn't make it true
'Cause I know I'm only human
And I don't know what I'm doing
I thought I wanted it easy but easy never needed
Never needed you’

Talented vocalist Sarah Reeves truly has a heart for the Lord. There's no doubt that she is an incredible musician and singer and her worship songs always bring a smile on my face. The Lord definitely gave Sarah a talent for performing and I’m so glad that she’s using that talent to give worship to His name.

Today, Sarah is leaning on God as she performs the beautiful song ‘Easy.’ Sometimes in life, we want things to come to us the easy way. When things start to get tough, we tend to back away and start to think negatively. But the powerful lyrics of Sarah’s song reminds us that with God by our side, He will always see us through.

In our world today, it’s not always easy to be a Christian. There seems to be so many people against us, but we know in our hearts that the Lord is Ruler of all and one day we will be reunited with Him in Heaven above.

I just love how Sarah sings her heart out to Him and after hearing this tune, I’m singing right along with her. This is exactly what my soul needed to reignite that fire for the Lord. Who else wants to join me in song?

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