'Mercy Is A Song' - Matthew West And Jordan Feliz Acoustic Performance

'Mercy Is A Song' - Matthew West And Jordan Feliz Acoustic Performance

‘Singing oh, there is a life for every soul

No matter where you've been just come on home
Let all God's children sing along
Hallelujah, chains are gone
Mercy is a song’

Even when we may feel at our darkest, it’s so important to remember that the Lord is always by our side. He is our strength when we feel weak and He is the compass that will always guide us home.

Each and every day, the Lord remains by our side. His love is truly more amazing than we can ever imagine and it’s such a blessing in our lives. That’s exactly what the powerful lyrics of ‘Mercy Is A Song’ from Matthew West will remind you.

Today, talented vocalist Jordan Feliz joins Matthew West as they sing out to the Lord. This special acoustic performance will truly get your heart on fire for God. Each and every day is a blessing from God. He has given us so many things to be thankful for that it's important to take pause and appreciate them. If we don't take a moment to stop and look around we can miss some of the most amazing things.

God sent His only Son down from Heaven to die for our sins and now we are all saved. This was such a priceless gift and we are all blessed each and every day for the love from our Father. What a glorious gift that is, indeed. Who else is joining me in lifting up His name in praise?