Lost Dog Heals A Sick Girl In The Hospital

Titan has been lost from his human for over two years. When Titus originally escaped, he wasn't wearing a collar so his owner had no way of tracking him down. That's when she immediately joined a bunch of local lost dog forums on Facebook hoping someone would find Titan.

During that time, her young daughter got very sick and was placed in the children's hospital as her health declined. That's when the most miraculous thing happened. While the young girl's mom sat by her bedside scrolling on Facebook, something caught her eye. It was a picture of Titan. Someone had finally found Titan and this amazing news actually helped this little girl's health start to improve.

Soon after, Titan was finally reunited with his family and everyone was overwhelmed with emotion. It's so amazing to hear that one dog could change the life of a little girl. Aren't God's creatures amazing?

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