Dad Dances With Daughter At Christmas Talent Show

This sweet little girl is super excited about being in the Christmas talent show at her school. As soon as she signed up, she was ready to work on her dance moves and started practicing everywhere she went. But when she tried to show her dad the routine that she was working on, he did not seem to pay much attention to her.

He was so focused on his work that he seemed to miss all of her moves.

Finally, the night of the talent show came around and it was her time to shine but she started to feel overwhelmed by the nerves. That's when the most amazing thing happened and her dad stepped out from the crowd.

Just when it seemed like she had forgotten all her moves, her dad began to do the dance that he watched her practice. This entire time, he had been paying attention. The little girl's memory came back to her and she started to dance her heart out. What a special moment that was pulled off beautifully!

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